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criminal contrasts

His blood soaked hands held the toddler to his chest, she was about 3 to 4 years, was asleep; he hid in the shadows and the criminal in him knew what he had to do.

He always knew what he had to do; he was their instrument; he was a part of their propaganda; and he always had this conscience fight his reason; his principles fight his logic; and today he unfurled himself ; his conscience was on turmoil & he hated himself.

Her eyes opened and she giggled, as he looked into the smile; those eyes, glimmering with innocence; a smile swept his face, without his consent and he closed his eyes as the metal lustred pale on his 9mm pistol.

He pointed it at his forehead, and let out a huge sigh of release; and abruptly she gave out a soft cry; he looked at those eyes as he was disgusted of himself; the gun clicked, and he knew what he had to do; he would do the right, at least this time.

His eyes filled, the pistol at the forehead, the cry grew louder, his conscience hating himself,he lowered his hands and finally the gun shot,

into her forehead, blood poured down his palms & fingers and it was all dead silence;

as the smile of his family and his 7 year old, waiting for him, turned up in the shades of his eyes !!

Photo Credits : Thank you Gokcen Cidam, for the amazing photo.
Prompt : Five Sentence Fiction – Open