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You filled me,
filled me again.
And again
I am in awe,
at your vigour,
as I pen down,
flowing emotions,
effusion of delirium;
lost in you;
saturated in you..!!


And now this pleasant surprise,
I would share ,
happy and joyous,
that my poem “Saturated” ,
got published in Writer’s Ezine E-magazine March 2015 Issue …!!

Yes, and I am in ecstasy and all chirpy πŸ˜€
Thank you everyone,
for the awesomeness you have all been..!!

Glad being a part of you all,
and being amongst your creativity..!! πŸ™‚
Your comments,
your likes,
& anything you say,
I am all ears πŸ™‚
Thank you so very much !!

Photo Credits: Kunal Khurana
Facebook Page:Β www.facebook.com/kunalkhuranaphotography
500px Page:Β www.500px.com/KunalKhurana
Flickr Page:Β www.flickr.com/kunal88del