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But till this second, nothing runs in my head.

Where do I start?

Let’s start with a title. 8 minutes. Sounds interesting. And here it goes.

Eight Minutes

Now, me.
I, myself.
An inner realm, my soul.
My surrounds; the societies around me. Happenings. All clustered.
But I am blank.
I am thinking. I am receptive.
Its 9.24 pm. The weather is cold.
The coffee shimmers, as the room looked warm.
I am vague. I am emotionless.
No fancy word to pour out.
No thoughts to weave.
And I feel, I am similar.
I am alike to what I was and I am no different.
But I have changed. Maybe, I have transformed.
I have adapted. I have smiled, and have wrestled.
I have wept. I have soared.
I have lost.
I have won. I have conquered.
But I have been defeated too.
That was me.
Me in what I am. Me, in what I was.

A few hundred miles away.
The sands of Arabia were around him.
It was 9.26 pm.
Him alone, like all the other days.
Amidst the gushy winds and storms, he inhaled “safe” inside his cabin.
But this was his job; his living, and what he earned.
It was 9.28 and he knew the night could be worse.
He lit up a cigarette.
He sat with the cigarette in his hands. He knew he had only a few more cigarettes till the next supply.
The cold weather “weathered” away the cigarettes faster than what he thought would.
He would be happy on the day of the supply after every two weeks.
It meant garden-fresh fruits, vegetables & some beer.
And slowly he used to devour on the “happiness” of the supplies.
He wondered how life would have been at home.
The twinkle in the eyes of his 4 year old.
He missed it, as his eyes filled. He felt the pain in his throat spreading to his chest.
He missed his home. His Family.
It was 9.30 and the winds played on him & the never ending sands.
And him alone, like all the other days.

Its 9.32 pm.

Here, I cursed my “slow” Wi-Fi,
as the hot coffee
slipped through my tongue
& taming my insides.. !!



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