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In the first dimension
I spectate.

In the second
I perceive,
I experience
I feel..

The third dimension –
“my soul”
verses up,
into the scribbles
I write..

And here I unfold
the fourth dimension –
A Geometric Opening
by the melodies I create !!


A passion
which I had kept aside
but now,
unfurling myself,
and let the rhythm
of the keys
soothe your ears,
as my finger tips
dance along the piano …

Yes, a melody played by me, and recorded with the available equipment & software. I would advice you to use earphones, as there are some minor technical glitches. Let me know what you think, coz this is my first ever attempt, on something of this sort..  🙂

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Photo Art : My friend, Ritva Sillanmäki