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Wilderness wide,
endless spaces,
the azure blues,
distantly floating;
surface greens fading away.
Natural colour tones,
to tones of..
“greed and grey”.
and I silently wish,
I go “colour” blind,
on all my arounds !!
Wretched I am
in me & you!!

Random people;
stray thoughts;
demeanour, painted envy and wrath.
The wicked cupid’s gleam,
those eyes sparkle;
while their lips gorge
vicious crave.
And as other eyes,
feast this steamy plethora!!
Abhorrence I feel,
in me n you!!

But then,
a random petite smile-
innocent and pristine.
She, maybe
just an year or two,
on the lands..
But, smiled at me,
from within.
She smiled again,
smiling me,
off my balance!!
Taking me in.
Into me.
Revealing myself.
Into the brute in me !!
Wept I did,
in the dark canvas
of the day;
realising what I had become..
Different I thought
we were;
But an animal I saw
in me n you!!

I stare.
I stare at myself.
I stare at you.
I stare back at me;
as my eyes fill,
at the tyranny
we are immersed in..
“me n you” !!

And I put my pen to verse..
to portray..
the outlines..
the bare glimpses
of what I see…

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