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Where do I begin as a post..
Where do I start..
How should I start..
When do I start..
I wish I knew..
I wish I could explain..
I wish I could..
Let you know…
The dilemma I am in..

But yes..
I am in !!
As I start with an “A”…
& end with the “Z” ;
and what comes in between –
I am a pawn to the magnificent Universe!!

N.B: For the first time in the history of the Universe, Awkward Earthling has taken up a challenge to blog for continuous 30 days (#AtoZChallenge). Yea, you heard it right and there are rumors that this decision was taken in haste and therefore should expect un-themed; untimely or bizarre posts. Our officials are trying to get hold of any info they could get, but this is all we have as for now – He plans to use the letters not in order but in a mismatch..
So stay tuned for more updates.