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This is never a post;
just a ramble of
my uncertainties,
another of my
“un-themed” scribbles.

music has been a part of me;
had a lot of dreams on music,
in art maybe too,
but then like always,
“Life” took me
its way !!

I have never seen myself
as anything creative;
whether in writing or music,
or any other realm of this sort.
Have only tried my varied stupidities,
that erupts once in a while,
maybe in weeks or months,
or maybe not at all !!

So I don’t sincerely call myself;
a musician, a writer;
a poet or whatsoever – because I am none of these..
I refer to me maybe as a “Dormant blogger”
coz that’s what I am technically.
I do own a blog – so yes, I am a “blogger” !!
But, I do not blog often, so yes that is “Dormant” !!
thus the – “Dormant blogger” …

When this ramble began,
of haphazard musings,
I knew well,
that I was heading to no new directions,
or trailing along no particular path,
because that’s what “Art” is
according to me,
that’s what “Creativity” is..
it’s always a projection,
of our inner thoughts,
that could begin anywhere
that could muddle up,
that could flow,
that could multiply,
with no rules, or within no constraints.
because that’s what “Art” is
according to me !!

Here I end up this ramble,
& as I always say..
it’s all all outlines..
Bare glimpses of what I see !!

– Awkward Earthling



This post is a part of the #AtoZChallenge; and today I take up
letter "H" as I am moving on with no themes & no constraints !!