Night Fall !! – #ATOZChallenge 2017


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And …!!!!


She had,
kissed my soul !!


It was this moment; that I felt this rush of words;
and I tweeted them, then itself !!
So this post took birth from there and thus connecting
this to the #AtoZChallenge; and the letter today is  "N" !!
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Haphazard Musings !! – #ATOZChallenge 2017


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This is never a post;
just a ramble of
my uncertainties,
another of my
“un-themed” scribbles.

music has been a part of me;
had a lot of dreams on music,
in art maybe too,
but then like always,
“Life” took me
its way !!

I have never seen myself
as anything creative;
whether in writing or music,
or any other realm of this sort.
Have only tried my varied stupidities,
that erupts once in a while,
maybe in weeks or months,
or maybe not at all !!

So I don’t sincerely call myself;
a musician, a writer;
a poet or whatsoever – because I am none of these..
I refer to me maybe as a “Dormant blogger”
coz that’s what I am technically.
I do own a blog – so yes, I am a “blogger” !!
But, I do not blog often, so yes that is “Dormant” !!
thus the – “Dormant blogger” …

When this ramble began,
of haphazard musings,
I knew well,
that I was heading to no new directions,
or trailing along no particular path,
because that’s what “Art” is
according to me,
that’s what “Creativity” is..
it’s always a projection,
of our inner thoughts,
that could begin anywhere
that could muddle up,
that could flow,
that could multiply,
with no rules, or within no constraints.
because that’s what “Art” is
according to me !!

Here I end up this ramble,
& as I always say..
it’s all all outlines..
Bare glimpses of what I see !!

– Awkward Earthling



This post is a part of the #AtoZChallenge; and today I take up
letter "H" as I am moving on with no themes & no constraints !!

Migrate – #ATOZChallenge 2017


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A to Z - Migrate - Awkward Earthling


“Kiss me” she cried..
“Kiss me;
in the depths of my pain..”
“Kiss me;
caressing my feeble soul..”
“Kiss me;
into an expanse,
wherein I dwell upon you..!!”
“Just kiss me..!!” she cried..

And the winds
knocked her;
off the edge of the cliff;
as she migrated,
to her craving deaths
below !!



This post is a part of the #AtoZChallenge; and again on Day 3;
I chose to use an "M" instead of a "C" ; as I move forward
with no theme, full of mismatches & no constraints !!

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Seizure – #ATOZChallenge 2017


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I scribble..
I have scribbled,
on “love & passion”..
On emotions;
on life;
my scattered thoughts
As I emote..
my blankness
On what I am,
& what I have been!!

But now
its ceasing
to an end..!!
as I get trampled
amongst the loud noises
& the colossal anticipation !!

when they ask me,
“Where are your verses..??
Where did you lend your words to..??”

I wish I could tell them..
they were never mine..
nor will be..!!

I wish I could tell them.
I am done..
I am at Seizure !!


This post is a part of the #AtoZChallenge; and on Day 2;
I chose to use an "S" instead of a "B" ; as I move forward
with no theme, full of mismatches & no constraints !!

Artist – #ATOZChallenge 2017


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Something kept
Compelling me…
Into another something…
That erupted into a feeling..
That made me sleepless..
That had a contrasting ambience on me !!

But no..

Never because of her..
Not of her tastes.
Nor of her passion.


because of her projection;
that deadly intoxication;
that stirred up
the scribbler in me
& maybe…
that “artist” in me !!


This post is a part of the #AtoZChallenge; as I move forward with
no theme, full of mismatches & no constraints !!

“Un”-themed !! – #ATOZChallenge 2017


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Where do I begin as a post..
Where do I start..
How should I start..
When do I start..
I wish I knew..
I wish I could explain..
I wish I could..
Let you know…
The dilemma I am in..

But yes..
I am in !!
As I start with an “A”…
& end with the “Z” ;
and what comes in between –
I am a pawn to the magnificent Universe!!

N.B: For the first time in the history of the Universe, Awkward Earthling has taken up a challenge to blog for continuous 30 days (#AtoZChallenge). Yea, you heard it right and there are rumors that this decision was taken in haste and therefore should expect un-themed; untimely or bizarre posts. Our officials are trying to get hold of any info they could get, but this is all we have as for now – He plans to use the letters not in order but in a mismatch..
So stay tuned for more updates.


Micropoetry #4


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Let me
take you, I said !!!


this was different..
She was magic..
A heavenly bliss..
a phenomenon;
and maybe..
A swish of a wand..!!!


Let me
take you,
I whispered
into her ears.. !!!
To a hushed abode..
to a solitary kingdom..
Far off from the country folk..
A no man’s land !!

One me.
One you.
Your smiles
& my passion…
Savagely enlace!!



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I write this post in haste. And I am blank.
Blank into nothingness.
New into blogging.
New people.
New perceptions.
I am a beginner here.
Wonderful earthlings around.

And this post;
flaunts no flowery verse.

I am a part of.
An extended family of mine.
A squad we formed. Eight.
What awaits us we do not know.
But today may not be the time;
for a creative muse to trigger me up.
As I write this post in haste. And I am blank.

& this post again
flaunts no flowery verse !!


This is the first post for Blogbuddy 3.0.
And I wish to introduce my team - #TheMagicPot

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Outlines ..


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Wilderness wide,
endless spaces,
the azure blues,
distantly floating;
surface greens fading away.
Natural colour tones,
to tones of..
“greed and grey”.
and I silently wish,
I go “colour” blind,
on all my arounds !!
Wretched I am
in me & you!!

Random people;
stray thoughts;
demeanour, painted envy and wrath.
The wicked cupid’s gleam,
those eyes sparkle;
while their lips gorge
vicious crave.
And as other eyes,
feast this steamy plethora!!
Abhorrence I feel,
in me n you!!

But then,
a random petite smile-
innocent and pristine.
She, maybe
just an year or two,
on the lands..
But, smiled at me,
from within.
She smiled again,
smiling me,
off my balance!!
Taking me in.
Into me.
Revealing myself.
Into the brute in me !!
Wept I did,
in the dark canvas
of the day;
realising what I had become..
Different I thought
we were;
But an animal I saw
in me n you!!

I stare.
I stare at myself.
I stare at you.
I stare back at me;
as my eyes fill,
at the tyranny
we are immersed in..
“me n you” !!

And I put my pen to verse..
to portray..
the outlines..
the bare glimpses
of what I see…

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